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Sorrow and Joy

Both sorrow and joy are essential elements to a full life. Since deep sorrow rarely leaves completely, we must learn to embrace both sorrow and joy simultaneously or we will have one and not the other.

Sorrow teaches us to hold dear the things of true value since they can be taken from us at any time. The knowledge of the fragility of these things causes us to hold dearly each moment, guard how we handle treasures, celebrate each experience with friends and family, breathe deeply of fresh air, bask fully in sunshine, gaze in amazement at green trees and grass, . . . and fully live every experience of life. While we never forget that which was lost, we are faithful to celebrate that which remains. . . .

Sorrow and joy have kissed. Each is an essential element to life here and now. But one day, only joy will remain. How I long for that day!

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The Key to Power

I’d been having trouble with my 13-year-old car. A sympathetic person loaned me his car while mine was being repaired.